Ivan Marovic April 10, religion April 12

This Tuesday, April 10, Ivan Marovic returns to speak at 7pm at 34 Stuyvesant Street, room 105. Come see a surprising and entertaining event, followed by a historic visit to Union Square.

David Graeber this Thursday

This Thursday, March 29, come see David Graeber discuss culture as creative refusal—how what we think of as primordial "cultures," historically, can just as easily be conceived as social movements which were to some degree successful in achieving their aims.

Union Square! Smucker March 22, Graeber March 29

This just in: the Union Square occupation is completely fantastic!

Three Strikes, You're In!

To compensate victims of their racist and abusive "stop and frisk" policy, the New York Police Department partnered with McDonald’s to offer free Happy Meals™ to anyone stopped and frisked three times without charge or summons. Too yummy to be true?

Cleaning Up! In Ghillie Suits

Swiss Bank Occupied


New Yorkers! Two treats: an all-star revolutionary panel on Thursday, and hilarious clown fun on Saturday.

1. This Saturday evening, come prepare fun, funny, and media-savvy actions for F29 with Occupy's newest venture, the +Brigades. BYOB. Beware of clowns. Spread the word!

Activists Astounded: Romney Stole Our Idea

January 26, 2012

Megan Hanley, selfdeport@gmail.com

Stranger than Fiction: Romney Steals “Self-Deport” Idea from Satirical Website
Activists furious at GOP Candidate, Exploring Legal Options

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A Gift for Amsterdam

A stately old animal shelter, abandoned for years in the middle of a beautiful Amsterdam neighborhood, and finally taken over by a group of squatters. A corporation with big, vague plans to turn the place into something for profit. An impotent city council. The neighborhood prefers the squatters. Who will win?

Will Trinity tear down Nativity scene?

For those wondering whether Manhattan's wealthiest church will help Occupy Wall Street obtain a space, here's the answer... sort of:

December 15, 2011

Church and lay activists install guerrilla gift in front of Wall St. church

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