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Android App for Phone Story Released!

An Android app of "Phone Story" was released this morning, less than a day after Apple pulled it from the iTunes store. By rejecting the app, Apple has made sure that this phone story isn't just about horrible labor conditions in the life-cycle of mobile phones, it's now also about censorship and the chilling effects Apple's policies have on content.

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Apple Pulls Phone Story from Store

Hours after being publicized, after only 1000 downloads, the Phone Story app was removed from the iTunes store. There is some news about it... stay tuned for more!

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Anti-iPhone iPhone game gets past censors

Sept. 13, 2011

iPhone App About Apple's Rotten Supply Chain Gets Past Censors
This and upcoming Yes Lab projects no hoax

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Help the Yes Lab develop some cool new tools!

Got Drupal? Want to help the Yes Lab develop some cool online tools? We’re developing two tools to assist those carrying out Yes Lab projects, and to get everyone else more involved:

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Worlds Collide: the Yes Lab launches at NYU! Sept. 14, 2011, 6pm

Come drink wine, win prizes, watch videos, and watch the Aztec goddess Coatlicue battle a Survivaball. Also, hear about the Yes Lab's near past and future from the Yes Men and others. Free (but photo ID is required). 

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Goes Green

BREAKING 06/13/13 11:30am - Yes Men Win Legal Battle with US Chamber of Commerce: Despondent Activists Mourn Lawsuit Withdrawal

GE Returns Billions to Public Coffers... FOR REAL!

[UPDATE: FOUR YEARS LATER, THIS HAPPENS FOR REAL!! CLICK THROUGH FOR DETAILS.] With local, State and Federal governments slashing critical education, health and public safety services nationwide due to dramatic budget cutbacks, GE brought good things to life by offering to return the entirety of its $3.2 billion 2010 tax refund to the Treasury. Even more touching, GE committed to conducting a nationwide survey to gauge popular opinion on which of the recently-enacted budget cuts people would like to see reversed, now possible thanks to GE's generosity. This unprecedented—and completely fictitious—corporate move, was a joint project of US Uncut and the Yes Lab, and caused GE's stock to drop $3.5 billion after it was reported in USA Today.

Coal for the Rich

Students from Columbia College in Chicago came together with Greenpeace and The Yes Lab to create the illusion that a new Coal Plant was planned in Chicago — but that instead of going in a poor neighborhood like the two coal plants that already exist, this one would be built in a rich one.


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