Yes Lab helps out Walmart

Dear Valued Customer,

Our prices are so low, our customers are killing each other. At Walmart, we care, which is why we’ve created this Black Friday Survival Guide and coupon. Please share it with anyone whose survival matters to you or to someone you know.

Barack Endorses the Yes Lab!



Dear the American People,

Reason #2: Laughter is a good medicine

We all know the facts: the sixth greatest mass extinction in Earth's history is already underway—and this time it's all our fault. We all know about rising sea levels, epic floods and hurricanes, wildly fluctuating temperatures, and ever-more-deadly droughts.

THURSDAY 11/21 @ 6pm: Strategy and Soul: A Campaigner's Tale



Reason #1: The Yes Lab is Revolting

Reason #1: The Yes Lab is Revolting


Canadian: YOU can stop TransCanada's latest earth-killing venture (spread the word!)

O Canada! SaveCanada needs mischievous folks in Ontario and Quebec to stop TransCanada's latest Tar Sands pipeline—by dressing up and talking to people over the next three weeks! Visit for full details and to join, to watch the video, and for an account of one action.

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The Gazprom/Shell Polar Patnership

Royal Dutch Shell and Russia's Gazprom team up to open the newly accessible Russian Arctic to oil drilling. To help them celebrate, Greenpeace teamed up with the Yes Lab and activists from Russia and the Netherlands to throw a barge party on the canals of Amsterdam, complete with a drugged up polar bear, a marching band, and a singing Russian child.

Monsanto and the Carnival of Corn

In Chiapas, México, a group of students and activists issued a fake Monsanto press release announcing the Mexican government had officially approved the sale of their patented seeds on a commercial scale. Though the announcement was a fake, Monsanto apparently felt very threatened.

U.S. Chamber Cries Uncle

In 2009, we gave a press conference as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to announce they would be dropping their opposition to climate change legislation. The Chamber was so mad they sued–right after dropping their opposition to climate change legislation. Then, in June of 2013, they gave up the lawsuit much to our chagrin.

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Deport the Statue

Human rights organization Breakthrough partnered with the Yes Lab to focus on how immigration reform legislation affects women, and Legals for the Preservation of American Culture (LPAC) was born. The fictional group launched their anti-immigrant campaign by calling for the deportation of the beloved icon.


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