Activists barred from US; march on Wall St.

This Wednesday's Revolutionaries Live! lecture with UK climate campaign activists John Stewart and Dan Glass has been postponed.

Help put it in print! #occupywallstreet

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Rastani is not in Liberty Plaza (#occupywallstreet)

The Yes Men wish to commend Mr. "Alessio Rastani" for his masterful performance as "trader" on BBC World yesterday. Mr. Rastani's real name is Granwyth Hulatberi; he once appeared on CNBC MarketWrap as a "representative" of the WTO. Well done, Granwyth! You're getting better and better.


Head to Liberty Plaza this Thursday at 8:30pm to hear Ivan Marovic!!

Android App for Phone Story Released!

An Android app of "Phone Story" was released this morning, less than a day after Apple pulled it from the iTunes store. By rejecting the app, Apple has made sure that this phone story isn't just about horrible labor conditions in the life-cycle of mobile phones, it's now also about censorship and the chilling effects Apple's policies have on content.

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Apple Pulls Phone Story from Store

Hours after being publicized, after only 1000 downloads, the Phone Story app was removed from the iTunes store. There is some news about it... stay tuned for more!

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Anti-iPhone iPhone game gets past censors

Sept. 13, 2011

iPhone App About Apple's Rotten Supply Chain Gets Past Censors
This and upcoming Yes Lab projects no hoax


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