New Yes Men film calls B.S. on murderous NRA

New Yes Men film highlights fundamental racism of modern gun lobby

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NRA Shares the Safety

Now a major motion picture, launched February 28, 2018! At the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, National Rifle Association spokesperson Hensley Cocker proudly unveiled Share the Safety, a “buy one, give one” program to get guns into the hands of unarmed Black men.

Calling All Climate Activists

After Lima, we simply must keep our momentum building!

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Support The Yes Lab

Today we are calling on our entire community to help us keep building the Yes Lab. If we raise $75,000 before December 31, Kindle Project will match it dollar for dollar. This is an incredible opportunity for us, and we hope you'll chip in. With our deadline only eight weeks away, we've put together a list of eight good reasons why you should give. We'll send you another great reason each week until we've reached our goal.

Chevron Gets Jammed

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October 5, 2017

Bicycle Hoax Highlights Soulless Cycle
Belgian collective, in cahoots with refugee groups and the Yes Lab, hits hard at European policy towards refugees, false market solutions, assholes

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Hundreds of spectators witnessed a bizarre sight Saturday, when a slick new tech startup called RefuGreenErgy held a three-hour launch event in central Brussels, complete with four "RefuGreens" happily pedaling battery-filling bikes. "Company representatives" circulated among tourists and others, describing how the company would convert the power of bicycling refugees into electrical energy—giving the refugees 24-hour periods of amnesty and 1.60 euros per day, and Belgians "green electricity" and a "guilt-free way to help others."

Oct. 15 in NYC: WTF do we do now?

Pioneer Works, Creative Time, and the Yes Men announce
WTF Do We Do Now?

A nine-hour open forum on some of today's most urgent political topics, with special guest speakers, to be held at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn
Sunday, October 15, 2017 |  10AM – 7PM | Free with registration

#DNCTakeBack reveal release


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DNC Takeback

One week after Democrats in Congress announced their new "populist" agenda, the Yes Men posed as DNC representatives and called their bluff by promoting progressive policies that are popular across the political spectrum, and have already been winning on the local level even in Trump-voting districts.


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