Making a fake press conference

Putting together a press conference on behalf of a target (who doesn’t know you’re doing it) can be very simple. You just need to set up a podium with a logo on it in front of a building and speak over a PA system of some sort to a small audience of fake reporters (plus real ones, if you can convince them to show up) and planted passers-by (then real ones who stop to see what’s going on). No forewarning needed: just turn on your sound system, start speaking, and record the whole thing.

Accosting strangers

There are different reasons you might want to accost people on the street (when we say “to accost,” we mean “to grab the attention of unsuspecting strangers”). The reasoning is for you to think through. As for the ways to accost them...

Stand next to a stunning sign
Why not put up a sign advertising something particularly great or offensively horrible, and stand near it with a brochure? You can represent yourself as the company selling this product if you want, which makes the action more fun. 

Crashing a conference

Here are the Yes Men's tips on crashing and getting invited to speak at conferences.

How can I attend a conference I'm not invited to?

So you've decided you want to hang out at a conference—out of masochism, or curiosity, or because you have a devious plan for what to do once you're inside.

First step: dress nicely. Visit your local thrift store and get a suit. (Shouldn't cost more than $20.) Get some fairly "nice" dress shoes (shouldn't cost more than $10 - nobody actually wants these things).


Jobjacking is a fun way insert a fun kind of madness into spaces where a certain way of acting or thinking is dominant and to mess with roles within a company, around consumption habits, or in any number of fun situations. Jobjacking can be done in real physical places, or in the “reality” of a fake website, press releases, and interviews.

Making a satirical website

The absolute easiest way to make a satirical website is to copy your target’s site directly. Luckily, this is easy to do! You may need someone with some web experience to help, but this way you don’t need to start from scratch.

You’ll need to start by purchasing and hosting a domain, preferably one that looks a lot like your target’s real domain name.

Then can choose just to copy one page of your target’s website and link to your fake page. Or, you can copy the whole site and make changes to your favorite pages.

Satire Denounces Prejudice and Violence Towards Migrants in Mexico


Project reference: 

Somos El Muro (We Are the Wall)

A group of ultra-right, pro-Trump Mexicans announce a solution to Trump's wall-building difficulties: they themselves will be that wall. In fact they already are: xenophobic Mexicans routinely make life difficult for Central American migrants, and are thus in cahoots with Trump. A spectacular music video and website with migrant-identification keys perpetuates the illusion... which is, sadly, no illusion at all.

Bicycle hoax highlights soulless cycle

October 5, 2017

Bicycle Hoax Highlights Soulless Cycle
Belgian collective, in cahoots with refugee groups and the Yes Lab, hits hard at European policy towards refugees, false market solutions, assholes

Project reference: 


Hundreds of spectators witnessed a bizarre sight Saturday, when a slick new tech startup called RefuGreenErgy held a three-hour launch event in central Brussels, complete with four "RefuGreens" happily pedaling battery-filling bikes. "Company representatives" circulated among tourists and others, describing how the company would convert the power of bicycling refugees into electrical energy—giving the refugees 24-hour periods of amnesty and 1.60 euros per day, and Belgians "green electricity" and a "guilt-free way to help others."

Oct. 15 in NYC: WTF do we do now?

Pioneer Works, Creative Time, and the Yes Men announce
WTF Do We Do Now?

A nine-hour open forum on some of today's most urgent political topics, with special guest speakers, to be held at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn
Sunday, October 15, 2017 |  10AM – 7PM | Free with registration


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