Yes Lab presents 'revolutionary' speaker series at NYU!

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The series continues this week with 

Birgitta Jonsdottir

Thursday, April 4th
The Arthur L. Carter Journalism Insitute
20 Cooper Sq. 7th Floor
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Member of the Icelandic parliament for The Movement, Birgitta co-produced the Wikileaks Collateral Murder video, and has been an activist and a spokesperson for various groups including Wikileaks, Saving Iceland, Friends of Tibet in Iceland, and the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative.


Penny Arcade

 Tuesday, April 9th
Performance Studies Dept.
721 Broadway, 6th Floor

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It is impossible to describe Penny Arcade without entering the world of hyperbole she personifies. Since first leaving home at age 13 to join the world of queers, junkies, whores, stars, stalkers, and geniuses, she has become one of the most influential performers in the world. By displaying her singular brand of feminist sexuality and personal conflict she has garnered countless fans worldwide.


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