Reveal date: Oct 1 2019 Status: Active Partners: Reclaim the City Tagged: apartheid, Housing

On 30 September, 2019, a horde of zombies attended a "#natsneverdie rally" at the Cape Town Civic Centre in order to support the City's policies, which are increasingly similar to those of the National Party under Apartheid. "Forced removal then, mass eviction now," moaned Nataniël Krokodil, an organiser of the rally, his half-fleshed rictus seeming to grin with delight. "Group Areas then, relocation camps now. We’re back and it feels great."

Reveal date: Jan 16 2019 Status: Complete Partners: BlackRock's Big Problem Tagged: Capitalism, climate change, finance, investing

In the early morning of January 16, a few hours before announcing their fourth-quarter 2018 earnings, Laurence Fink, CEO of the biggest asset management company, received an email copy of his annua

Reveal date: Feb 2 2018 Status: Complete Partners: Hemispheric Institute

A group of ultra-right, pro-Trump Mexicans announce a solution to Trump's wall-building difficulties: they t

Reveal date: Oct 3 2017 Status: Complete Partners: WAAR Tagged: climate change, Green Energy, Migration, Refugees

Hundreds of spectators witnessed a bizarre sight Saturday, when a slick new tech startup called RefuGreenErgy held a three-hour launch event in central Brussels, complete with four "RefuGreens" happily pedaling battery-filling bikes. "Company representatives" circulated among tourists and others, describing how the company would convert the power of bicycling refugees into electrical energy—giving the refugees 24-hour periods of amnesty and 1.60 euros per day, and Belgians "green electricity" and a "guilt-free way to help others."

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