Won't you be our valentine?

By Andy Bichlbaum on Feb 10 2019 - 11:18pm Tagged:

Dearest Friends and Lovebirds,

Can you help us spread the love this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got four recent shareable projects that are all about love... and just for good measure, a special message of hate! First, the love:

From the desk of The Yes Men

As many of you know, Trump fled office in January, overwhelmed by a women-led movement targeting corporate Democrats and other enablers. The event was widely covered, and most of the papers announcing the event were distributed in D.C., but there are still a few left. For Valentine's Day, we've got a special spread-the-love sale, Wednesday through Friday only! Why not send a few to your Democratic representatives, to show them the sort of change that we all need to see—and why they’d better get on it. You could also place a few in your local cafe and see what happens—or give your Valentine the gift of false hope! (We know they’re not cheap, but there aren’t many left, and the revenues will help more love like this flow in the future.)

From the desk of The Yes Men

The same day the fake Post hit the streets of D.C., we released a love-filled version of BlackRock CEO’s annual letter just hours ahead of his real one. BlackRock is the world’s biggest asset manager, in control of $6 trillion, and our fake letter showed how BlackRock could easily divest from climate catastrophe and still remain profitable. Global financial and other press were amazed and delighted to see real action instead of BlackRock’s usual greenwashy bullshit. Visit BlackRock’s Big Problem to exercise your passions against this high-level driver of climate destruction.

From the desk of The Yes Men

Do you have a special human or corporate frenemy who uses too much fossil fuel? To show them how much you care, ask them to join Volkswagen’s Emissions Anonymous program, with its complete 12-step program. Before you let them know it’s not really VW, you can all join Extinction Rebellion to take real action: if there’s no chapter in your area, you and your most special friends can start one!

From the desk of The Yes Men

If you’re Mexican (and you are!*), don’t be like Somos El Muro (English version here), whose promotional video shows how any Mexican who discriminates against Central American migrants is part of Trump’s wall. It’s fictitious (we made it with a dozen Mexican and Central American activists), but the video got 3 million views in Central America and helped put the spotlight on Mexican xenophobia. You can support Central American migrants in Mexico through La 72 or any of the orgs highlighted in the press release; on the US side, Al Otro Lado does great work, among others.

* In the immortal words of Costa-Rican-born Chavela Vargas, "We Mexicans are born wherever the fuck we want." Same with Americans, for that matter.


We wouldn’t be with the times if we didn’t ask you to also share some hate too, even for Valentine’s Day - and we can think of nobody better to hate on than Facebook, which is still being used to drive people apart and manipulate elections, including the disastrous one in Brazil. Help spread the hate of Facebook itself by liking and sharing this new video of a "Facebook Exec" (really our own Mike Bonanno) accepting the Motherfucker Award for the "company that fucked up our reality most in 2018." If you don’t have a Facebook account (well done!) you can still watch it on YouTube.

With oodles of love and real hope for 2019,
The Yes Men

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