Most of the hijinks below were undertaken by the Yes Men together with partner organizations. For some of them we did most of the work, but for some we just gave some advice. If you're inspired to try something like one of these on your own, check out our cookbook and get cracking!

Reveal date: May 13 2005 Tagged: Dow

"Jude Finisterra" (Andy Bichlbaum) and Mike Bonanno addressed the board at Dow's Annual General Meeting.

Reveal date: Apr 28 2005 Tagged: Dow, Ethics

At a banking conference to which they had accidentally been invited, "Dow representative" Erastus Hamm unveiled "Acceptable Risk," a Dow industry standard for determining how many deaths are acceptable when achieving large profits.

Reveal date: Dec 1 2004 Tagged: Bhopal, Corporate Crime, Dow, Industrial Disaster

"Dow spokesperson" Jude Finisterra appears live on the BBC, ecstatic to make the announcement: Dow will accept full responsibility for the Bhopal disaster.

Reveal date: May 30 2004 Tagged: Bush, climate change, Global Warming

Representing the G.W. Bush campaign, we ask businesspeople on lunch break to sign our petition about global warming—as solution, not problem.

Reveal date: Apr 30 2004 Tagged: Austerity, climate change, Heritage Foundation, Right Wing Extremism

Mike and Andy crash the Heritage Foundation’s annual meeting in Chicago...

Reveal date: Dec 3 2002 Tagged: Bhopal, Dow, Industrial Disaster

On the eighteenth anniversary of the disaster at Bhopal, a press release was sent out by Dow-Chemical.com, telling Dow's story more honestly than Dow ever does.

Reveal date: May 1 2002 Tagged: World Trade Organization, WTO

Mike and Andy announce that the WTO has finally understood that corporate globalization is hurting the little guy, and has to therefore shut down completely...

Reveal date: Apr 15 2002 Tagged: Capitalism, food, Reburger, WTO

Andy and Mike pose as the WTO and McDonald's to announce a new program to provide Third Worlders with filters that allow them to recycle their food—extending the lifespan of a typical hamburger up to ten times.

Reveal date: Jul 20 2001 Tagged: G8, GATT, globalization, WTO

An email arrives at GATT.org from a producer with CNBC Marketwrap Europe, seeking a representative of the WTO to debate an “anti-globalization” activist (possibly Naomi Klein) live in front of millions of TV viewers.

Reveal date: Jan 31 2001 Tagged: Labor, Textiles, WTO

The “Employee Visualization Appendage” will allow the manager of the future to watch and control far-off workers while engaging in leisure activities.

Reveal date: Nov 1 2000

In 1999, while working at the anti-corporate website RTMark.com, Mike and Andy receive an email from a fellow named Zack Exley, who has had the foresight to register the domain GWBush.com and wants help making a website for it...

Reveal date: Jan 1 2000

Unable to make it to Seattle for the November 1999 anti-WTO protests, Andy and Mike make a website, www.gatt.org, to make fun of the WTO. To their surprise, the WTO writes a press release about it, calling the website "deplorable" and saying it "undermines WTO transparency." Nobody sees the WTO's press release, so Andy and Mike forward it on to thousands of their best friends. As a result, gatt.org ends up in search engines, and people often accidentally send email to the fake site instead of the real one.

Reveal date: Jan 1 1999

Andy and Mike arrive unannounced at the London office of Twelve Stars Communications wearing ridiculous costumes based on the Twelve Stars comic strip Captain Euro. The woman answering the door laughs, waves them inside and calls upstairs for her co-workers to come look...

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