Yes Lab and speaker series launching at NYU in 2 weeks

By Andy Bichlbaum on Sep 30 2012 - 8:41pm Tagged:

Attention NYU students: TWO subversive pleasures are available for credit!

1. JOIN THE YES LAB, beginning October 13, and fight for a worthwhile cause while having more fun than you thought possible.

It'll start with a full-day introductory workshop Oct. 13, during which you'll team up with local activist groups and the Yes Men to figure out just the right project for you. You and your group will then meet once a week throughout the semester for feedback.

Visit the Hemispheric Institute website to sign up, and to learn how people like you have used trickery, mischief, and giggles to promote a better, more interesting world. If you're interested in receiving NYU credit for Yes Lab participation, email

2. ATTEND CREATIVE ACTIVISM THURSDAYS beginning October 11, and continuing all year. It's a series of lectures, workshops, and other events focusing on the potential for societal change, and what we can do to bring it about through creative tactics and strategies.

Visit the Hemispheric Institute website for our amazing fall 2012 lineup. And if you're interested in receiving NYU credit, email for more info.

Creative Activism Thursdays is co-sponsored by NYU Dean for Social Science, the Hemispheric Institute, the Yes Lab, the Humanities Initiative at NYU Working Research Group on Artistic Activism, CAA, and Not an Alternative. Speakers often attend following Yes Lab Friday.

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