Reveal date: Jul 14 2010 Tagged: debt, France, Haiti, YL

An ad-hoc group called CRIME (Committee for the Reimbursement of Indemnity Money Extorted from Haiti) to announce, on France’s behalf, the repayment of €17 billion to Haiti in relief aid—a payment equal to France extorted from Haiti in 1804 as a condition for their independence. France's odd legalistic reaction meant oodles of press for the project.

Reveal date: Dec 14 2009 Tagged: Canada, climate change, Copenhagen, emissions, government hoax, UNFCCC

Blame Canada? During the U.N. sponsored climate negotiations in Copenhagen, Denmark, heavy CO2 emitter Canada surprised many, including its own negotiators, by acknowledging the historic climate debt that rich countries owe the developing world, which scientists predict will bear the most dramatic impacts of climate change.

Reveal date: Oct 19 2009

BREAKING 06/13/13 11:30am - Yes Men Win Legal Battle with US Chamber of Commerce: Despondent Activists Mourn Lawsuit Withdrawal

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