Critical Tactics Lab

The Yes Lab's ongoing activities at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics at NYU have been reconstituted as the Critical Tactics Lab (CTL). The CTL is the Hemispheric Institute's permanent forum for discussion and research on the practices and methods of contemporary and historical political action. Drawing on the work of Yes Lab and the Creative Activism Series and the Institute’s ongoing work with political artists and activists from the Americas, the CTL’s mission is to promote and strengthen critical reflection about the tactics and strategies of political movements as well as the multiple processes and modes of analysis through which these are arrived at. Through lectures, workshops, courses, and other modes of assembly—and with an emphasis on laughter and embodied practice—the CTL seek to provide a space in which the expansive affinities of critical practice and action can be made visible and strengthened.

Throughout the school year, we will be updating Hemi's page on upcoming meetings and events including...

Creative Activism Thursdays
The Revolution Will Be Debated

Come meet the revolutionaries who have changed or are currently changing the world, and those who study them. We’ll be meeting some Thursdays for lectures, workshops, and other events focused on the potential for societal change, and what we can do to bring it about through creative tactics and strategies.
Please visit the Hemispheric Institute website for details.

You can see the lectures of past presenters on our YouTube channel.