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If you have a project/action that you need support with, please visit the Action Switchboard and post your idea there. The Action Switchboard is a platform developed by the Yes Lab that helps activists find each other, develop direct actions, and get the resources and support they need to pull them off. Once you post your project idea there, we can support you.

To donate to our current Action Switchboard climate campaign, please visit this page.

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You can also contact the Yes Lab to:

  • host a Yes Lab workshop or creative action training at your school, institution, etc.
  • request a brainstorm with one of the Yes Men, or with a Yes Lab facilitator
  • request the Yes Lab work with you to pull off your action
  • book the Yes Men for a speaking engagement
  • request an interview with the Yes Men
  • report website technical issues
  • request movie screenings

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