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Action Switchboard

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The Action Switchboard will be a human-staffed online platform bringing users together for creative direct actions ("schemes"), each of which will support a specific campaign goal of interest to one or more NGOs.

Users will also be able to propose their own schemes or join existing ones, and a staff of experienced facilitators will help users refine ideas, find collaborators, and generally bring world-changing actions to fruition.

The Action Switchboard will:

The Yes Men ( are an internationally known mischief-making duo who use unorthodox tactics to get attention for critical issues and to help build public pressure for social change.

Over the last twenty years, the Yes Men have enlisted tens of thousands of volunteers in a geo-targeted database; most of their recent actions have relied on new partners from this database.

Now, the Yes Men have teamed up with developers at the Glocal cooperative to turn their database into a powerful organizing tool, with online facilitators who will help users plug into ongoing projects or develop their own. Whether users need collaborators, funding, advice, or just a supportive voice, Switchboard facilitators will be there to help.